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More Admins!

alright im legit always on the prop hunt server, me and my friends are always get on it as well, I have not seen an admin on ONCE and i think this is dummy, this is an amazing server and I want to see it get popular, if there is a way to apply for admin I would like to know because I feel like i would be an amazing admin! thanks for reading!

you can donate 50 dollars and be a mod on the server. u can also add me as a friend. i am an operator on the server.

I've been on the server a few times and I've never seen an admin on there. There will be players who are AFK for three, four or even five hours because no one is on to even do anything about it.

Again i will say this. you can donate 50 dollars to become a mod. To donate to the server by clicking Donations in the right side of the page towards the top of the page.

Yes AK I agree, more admins!!!

I also agree however keep in mind this server has not been around long and it does take time to get established.

Also I am a co-owner - Operator on this server and will try to play more as well.

Game On!

And if none of them are on you can message me :3
Also I am a Duck... quack quack
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